Rutland County: 802.468.7056 / Addison County: 802.388.7044

RSVP Movers & Shakers

RSVP Movers & Shakers is a FREE exercise program for those living with Parkinson’s and other related diseases.  RSVP Movers & Shakers is offered every week at the Godnick Adult Center in Rutland.  The program is open to anyone to join at any time.  Both caregivers and those living with Parkinson’s disease or other related diseases are welcome.

Every year about 50,000 Americans are diagnosed with Parkinson’s and the diagnosis is more likely for those over the age of 60.  Studies have shown that medicine, a healthy diet, and regular exercise may slow the progression of the disease. The RSVP Movers & Shakers routine is based upon a weekly program offered at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center.  No special equipment is necessary to participate and everyone works in her/his capacity.

RSVP Movers & Shakers is an RSVP Collaborative Project with the Godnick Adult Center.  The Godnick Adult Center is part of the Rutland Recreation and Parks Department.

For more information please call RSVP & The Volunteer Center at 802.468.7056 or the Godnick Center at 802.773.1853.

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